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For the First time in Romania, only at AFI Palace Cotroceni MALL, XD Theater transforms the showtime experience into a unique journey that will take your breath away. Get ready for a unique experience, let your imagination flow and ready your senses for the ultimate 6D effects that emulate a captivating journey that transcends time, space and imagination.

The 10 individual seats with a unique and modern design, are able to develop a maximum of 2G's and 400 movements/second, which in turn will push your adrenalin level to new highs. Chair movement is perfectly coordinated with the sound and 3D image, transforming the movie intro a unique simulation. The 5.1 sound system recreates in high fidelity the sound effects, and the fans shoot waves of air that make this entire experience a whole.

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS!!! and XD Theater starts you up on a sensational adventure like none other in Romania!

  • Travel down with dazzling speeds into the HAUNTED MINE.
  • COSMIC COASTER will open your imagination towards a fascinating planet at the edges of space.
  • Late for school? With Jett you'll be there in a heartbeat. JETT & JIN
  • Feel the adrenalin that snow can offer you on steep slopes only in SNOW RIDE.
  • Join Formula X in a race full of hazards and you will feel how you can cross the finish line first only with RAVINE RACER.
  • Parachute into danger and prepare yourself to cross the terrifying canyon, where the lava and multitude of obstacles will raise your adrenalin to new levels. CANYON COASTER

All these fascinating adventures can only be found within XD THEATER 6D Motion!!!

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